Jason is a young entrepreneur and digital media expert based in New Jersey, USA.

Young Start

Jason has been interested in computers and entertainment ever since he was 3. Around age 9, he became interested in creating visual representations of websites (without knowing how to actually code them). He also became interested in hacking Pokémon GameBoy roms using game editing tools. These two hobbies are what would ultimately spark Jason’s interest in pursuing an online career.


An interest in making website visuals is what got him to learn how to make a website from a basic template. He was really committed to one called Pokémon Battle Center (I was 12). This website is what would inspire his second YouTube channel name, PBCDotWebsDotCom, which was made in April 2010. This channel didn’t really have too much focus, as he would make several different types of Pokémon videos on there.

Although the one style of video that really got attention were his Pokémon rom hack videos (ranging from tutorials to scripted story-lines). Jason’s rom hack videos are what would push his channel to over 1,000 subscribers. In September 2012, PBCDotWebsDotCom was hacked and closed. Though the story of PBC pretty much ends there, that channel (and the support of his online friends) is what inspired him to continue to be involved with YouTube.


In December 2009, he decided to join a Pokémon fan website called Neon Shadow. This decision would prove to be one of great importance, as this is where he met his close online friend, Thomas.


Thomas and Jason have collaborated on nearly every project that they have done on the internet. From making cringe-worthy and voice-cracking PokéTuber videos, to running businesses together since 2013. Notable channels we’ve had include our channels back from 2010 that both gained over 1,000 and 2,000 subscribers respectively. Their notable online businesses/projects being Puron Digital and Onivox Network (now Onivox Foundation). Honorable Mention: LetsPlayPower (commonly referred to as LPP), was started in August 2012 with one goal in mind: To help small creators. LPP retweeted gaming videos by small creators to help get their name out to a community of over 1,000 followers. This account is still retweeting to this day.

EARLY YouTube INDUSTRY CAREER (March 2014 – February 2016)

In March 2014, Puron Digital was founded by Thomas Burleigh and Nathan Saliagas. Jason decided to take the opportunity to hop on board as the Chief Operating Officer. This is what he considers to be the beginning of his YouTube network career. He was involved in the network industry before this point, but he never really had too much valuable experience in the network industry until Puron Digital came along.

Puron would go on to exceed 30 million monthly views as a YouTube network. In Summer 2015, Jason was out of his position right before a merger between Puron, OneKindMedia, and Vyper Network to form a new MCN known as Zoonix. After launching a failed network that was under Zoonix, he decided to join WKM Media in September 2015. In December 2015, Jason left WKM citing professional differences. Immediately after leaving WKM, Jason approached two of his former co-workers at WKM (Nathan and Alex) about forming a new network under Zoonix. This newly formed network was called Azurial Digital. The name Azurial didn’t last long, as in February 2016, we had decided to merge with another network under Zoonix called Rhass Media. The merged network would end up being named Onivox, which Jason was the Chief Executive Officer of. Now this, is where things start getting good.

MID YouTube INDUSTRY CAREER (February 2016 – Present)

With the formation of the Onivox Network, we had a combined 14 staff from Azurial Digital and Rhass Media. Though the 14 staff thing didn’t last too long, everything went well for the first couple months of Onivox’s existence. In April 2016, Onivox cited professional differences with Zoonix, and moved their brand under an MCN known as Bent Pixels. In June 2016, YouTube made a new rule which forbids the existence of sub-networks under an MCN. Thus at this point, Onivox Network was no longer. As a result, some of Onivox’s staff; Jason (CEO), Thomas (COO), Caleb (President), Shane (Vice President), and Sera (Network Manager) had all gotten jobs at Bent Pixels as Talent Managers.

While at Bent Pixels, Jason (alongside Thomas and Shane) had done a charity stream-a-thon on Twitch, which ended up being a success with over $1,000 being donated during the course of the stream towards Save The Children. Jason’s time at Bent Pixels was short lived, as he (as well as the rest of the old Onivox crew) had left in September 2016.

After Bent Pixels, in October 2016, Jason, Thomas, and Shane got together and decided to re-open Puron Digital as a talent agency. Jason currently is a Co-owner, and is the President of Puron Digital Ltd. Also in October 2016, Jason joined the YouTube network Ping, North America as a Community Manager.